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Harrison, AR (Boone County) EM36kg

W5NWA Linked Repeater System

North West Arkansas Repeater Group



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442.900 Repeater - Harrison, AR   (Hub Repeater) 

Motorola XPR 8400 50 Watts // 442.900-RX // 447.900-TX 
All W5NWA Repeaters are part of the Brandmeister Network. 
Color Code 1 / Talkgroup ID 310502 / Slot 2 for DMR Local use.
(Long Range UHF Repeater)

Elevation: 1650'

Tower: 200'

Antenna: At 200' with 11.8 db

Coverage Area: Boone, Newton, Carroll, Marion, Southern Taney Counties

 W5NWA/R Coverage Area UHF (Harrison)




444.150 Repeater - Ridgeway, AR

Harris Momentum 50 Watts // 444.150-RX // 449.150-TX  103.5 PL

 Color Code 1 / Talkgroup ID 310507 / Slot 2 for DMR Local use.

(Medium Range VHF Repeater)

Elevation: 1400'

Tower: 60' 

Antenna: At 60' with 11 db

W5NWA/R Coverage Area UHF (Ridgeway)

Coverage Area: Ridgeway, Alpena, Bergman, Omaha, Leadhill, Hollister MO, and North Harrison

443.050 Repeater - Marshall, AR

Motorola GR500 45 Watts // 443.050 -RX // 448.050-TX  103.5 PL

(Long Range UHF Repeater)

Link Radio - Motorola M1225 10 Watts

Elevation: 2000'

Tower: 100' 

 Antenna: At 90' with 8.5 db

W5NWA/R Coverage Area UHF (Marshall)

Coverage Area: South Boone Co., St. Joe, Pindal, Marshall, Mt. Home, Dover, and Clinton

Looking down on Don (KF5IRZ), Ed (N3QL), and Jack (KF5BRU)

 N5NBJ on the tower

444.725 Repeater - Omaha/Leadhill                                                     This repeater is sponsored by Denny Johnson (KD5DLJ)

Motorola GR300 25 Watts // 444.725-RX // 449.725-TX 103.5 PL

(Short Range UHF Repeater)

Link Radio - Motorola GM300 25 Watts

Elevation 800'

W5NWA/R Coverage Area UHF (Omaha)

Coverage area: Omaha, Leadhill, Tucker Hollow, Diamond City

Link Antenna (Front) and Repeater Antenna (Rear).

Solar added to the Omaha Repeater!




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 Updated: March 12th, 2017