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My Shack

Updated today (07/19/2017)




Here is my humble shack.  It's not much but it gets the job done.


Old shack photos below. 

      On the top shelf, My HT's, a Vertex VX-10, and a couple of Motorola UHF rigs.  The second shelf is my Yaesu FT-2800, Motorola M1225 UHF Rig, the Radio Shack Scanner and Kenwood D700.


   The ICOM IC-745 HF rig.   I sweet talked Dave, N5CDS out of this fine little rig!  It's hooked to the MFJ Versa Tuner and G5RV Antenna.  On top of the tuner is a Radio Shack 2m amp for the FT-817. 


   From left to right:  Top - Motorola M1225 UHF rig, Bottom - Yaesu FT-2800 VHF rig, Center - Radio Shack Pro-2067 receiver.

   The Kenwood D-700 Dual Bander is hooked to the PC for Packet and APRS activities.


    Kenwood TH-D7 used for Satellite work and dual band portable operations. It is currently running APRS.

   Battery backup and trickle charger.  This supplies battery backup to all the rigs but the HF rig right now.  The Pyramid power supply is 25 amps and is hooked to the HF rig.



 Yaesu VX-10                                               Yaesu FT-817

 New Shack Video

My New Wouxun Dual Band HT. 

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Updated November 30th, 2013