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Welcome to my LEO Satellite Page.  Here I have added some photos of my Satellite Equipment and things I use to work the birds.  Bob (AJ5C) has gotten me bit by these birds and they are very fun to work.  Below is a photo of my portable setup and links to various satellite pages:





Here is a video of Bob (AJ5C) and I working AO-27 today, 10-10-2010.


 I was using the Elk antenna and my Yaesu FT-817.

 I am running a Yaesu FT-817 with an external 12v gel-cell battery.  The antenna is an Arrow Dual Band Yagi mounted to a camera tripod.  The antenna is currently on loan from Bob (AJ5C).  The FT-817 is mounted to the end handle by a custom made mount.  Here is a photo:

 I can easily remove the rig by simply lifting the radio up.  The bottom side of the mount is used as a stand for table top use.

 Here is photo of the 12v Jel-cell battry:

 Another view of the tripod:



 For back up, I have the Kenwood D-7 portable I can also attach to the tripod. 


Here is a video from the contact I made today (8-31-10).  The only contact I could get was Bob (AJ5C).  The audio is terrible but the video isn't too bad.


Bob (AJ5C) and I both worked AO-27 today (10/02/2010).  Bob came over and we drug out the hand held stations and had a lot of fun.  Bob's friend Orlando from the Dominican Republic was there also to take a few photos.


Here is an audio clip of the stations we worked that day:

http://n5nbj.webs.com/AO-27 10022010.WMA



Bob is using the Elk Antenna and a D7 Kenwood.


 Bob and I went to visit the folks in Springdale (NW AR UHF Group) on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. We had a great time, got our belly's full, and worked a few birds while we were there.  Here are a few photos of the days events:

 Much thanks to C.D. Farmer (NX5V) and the NW AR UHF Group for the invite!


Some of the equipment used


More photos and videos to come!



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Updated October 9th, 2010