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Rohn 25G Tower Install

Installation of my Rohn 25g Tower.

 I hope to have my tower installed as soon as I get the rest of the pieces.  Thus far I only have 3 ten foot sections of Rohn 25g.  I still need one more 10 ft section and a 9 ft top section.  The tower will be located at the west end of my residence and attached with a house bracket at 20 ft.  The towers total height will be approximately 46 ft.


 Here are the three 10ft sections waiting to go up as soon as the hole gets dug.


 The weather has finally cooperated and I am starting to get the tower installed.  I currently have two sections put together and have the house bracket built and mounted.



 Here's the bracket on the side of the house. It's built from 1/8 in thick angle and secured with 6 in lag bolts into the rafters.

Once I get the hole finished, I'll stick the tower up and get it level. I hope to pour concrete on Monday and I will be ready by the weekend to add the other three sections. 


I finally got the hole dug and the tower is in the upright position!  I am now waiting for a some concrete to be poured and I will be ready to go.


The tower is braced at 20 feet, and there will be 29 feet above the brace. 

 The Concrete is finished! Hope to add the rest of the sections this weekend.

  Just finished adding another section to the tower. 

As you can see, once the tower is finished, I have to move my antennas over and take down the masts I have on the roof.


Here are the last two sections.

The tower is complete and all the sections are on.  I just have to transfer my antennas to the tower.


I installed most of the antennas today.  The repeater antennas is on top, the G5RV next, and then a dual band Ringo. I still have to side mount my Jpole and I have a 3 element 2m beam to mount.


Here is a photo of my stepson Nicholas helping me re-install the G5RV in the tree.

 Some more tower pics.


Here's a stand off I built for my G5RV.


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Last Updated July 4th, 2011