N5NBJ's Amateur Radio Page

Harrison, AR (Boone County) EM36kg


I would also like to thank the following people for the donation(s) of time and equipment:


Bob Herrell (AJ5C) - New Duplexers, Tuning Duplexers, a New Diamond F-718 Antenna, a CAT-250 Controller and a CAT RLS-1000b Link Port, New 2m Repeater antenna, and a W5XTR Echolink Interface.

David Strickland (N5CDS) - Link Radio Antenna, Motorola P110 WX Receiver, Connectors, and Batteries for all the repeater sites.

Daryl Waggoner (N5HNX) - Weather Proof Cabinet

Steve Pittges (WA9SSO) - Duplexers

Judy McCutcheon (Airport Manager) - Tower

Dale Ramsey (KF0PB) - 19" Rack mount Equipment

Bill Rose Sr. (N5VKF) - Smaller Cabinet

Jack Nelson (KF5BRU) - Link Antenna for the Marshall Repeater and Repeater Site for the Ridgeway Repeater

Dave Hammons (W5LR) - Andrew Heliax and Connectors 

C.D. Farmer (NX5V) - A Link into his Wonderful System and a GR1225 Repeater and Link Radio!

Ed Alspaugh (N3QL) - Repeater Antenna for the Marshall Site, and Power Supply for the .150 Repeater.

Don Passmore (KF5IRZ) - Marshall Tower Site

Denny Johnson (KD5DLJ) - 3rd UHF Repeater and link radio. A 4th for the system!



I'm sure the list will grow!




Updated October 31st, 2011